Why Dabble In Art?

(Select the link for some of my art.)

Around 2012, my girlfriend (an artist and former professional potter) got me interested in art as an activity the two of us could enjoy together. I played around with acrylics from various house paints I had laying around, as well as wood, metal, glass, joint compound, etc. - mostly doing mixed media stuff - and found that I actually enjoyed the process. Anyway, we continued having "paint nights" until she entered nursing school. Because of her busy school schedule, we let our paint nights slip aside. When she graduated in 2016, I/we decided that I missed art and our art nights together; so, I took a couple of online drawing courses and got more indepth help from my girlfriend, studied Betty Edwards', "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and also studied Bargue's techniques. If you're a beginner and coming from a left-brain world, then I believe both resources will show you that everyone has an innate ability to draw. An additional, free, online resource I highly recommend is Art.Prof's website - the content on that site has been very helpful to me. The open and free access information Clara and her colleagues are providing on that website is top notch. I recommend everyone with an interest in art visit their website.

Anyway, for me, art is theraputic - relaxing, and a way to clear my head with the added bonus of sharing something with my partner. Ultimately, it's as much about the process as the end product. That's why I dabble in art.